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Breakin' Lynx ... Leaked???

In my research in SEO, I used myself as an guinea pig and I found something quite interesting yesterday that prompted a mix of emotions. I was shocked, surprised, please, intrigued and a little displeased (I am aware that I just listed pleased and displeased).

Let me explain.

I typed "Alphonse Ha" in (French) and what did I discover? My name and my biggest video project to date: Breakin' Lynx, A documentary of B-boying or Breaking (or commercially known as Breakdancing) in Montreal through B-Girl Lynx, was listed on a MySpace page of Gros Méchants Films as his film's interests.

I sent him a Myspace message yesterday and, of course, added him to my MySpace friends (hey! He's like my first unknown fan!). I have not heard from him yet but am very curious to know how the hell did he get his hands on my video.

I am glad that the video is nowhere to be seen on the web yet (I couldn't find it). I wanted to finish working on the sound, create a mini trailer and have a "web premier" date for the video's official launch and hopefully submit it to festivals as well.