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More about Dodgeball and Twitter

South by Southwest: Twitter vs Dodgeball
A nice discussion about Dodgeball and Twitter. I wish Dodgeball was in Canada... would be fun.

I like this quote from Twitter, it sums perfectly why Twitter is so popular.
My family uses twitter to stay abreast of what is going on… we are spread out over the country. My MOM (79) twitters daily to the rest of the family. It was easy for her to do as opposed to email or joining another social service. She can see what her grandchildren are doing (college exams, soccer practice, homework help) I can have more insight to her day to day (she plays a lot of bridge). In a small way it makes us feel more involved with each other. From a business model view I would pay keep it private and to keep it simple. So maybe that is where they could go. and maybe not.

As for these sms services I think that they one use could be community safety. I signed up about ten people on my block as part of a safety program for getting walked from their car late at night (live in the city)… Also there could be text 311 (non emergency requests) …