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Moving Story

Finding the Flexibility to Survive

Although the original idea of my blog was to post everything I find it interesting, this blog post is a little different from the topics I usually write about. My father sent me this story via e-mail. It is quite moving.
When shopping at the grocery store became too expensive, Brighton Earley and her mother started getting their food at the local Chevron, where the cashier gave them discounts on leftover produce.
The author (I am unsure if the author of the article is also the storyteller), learned to be humble and to essentially "let go". Anybody who have known me pretty well know that I have recently understood how to be dedicated to something without being attached to the outcome. I still have a hard time abiding by that concept, however I have been life changing to a degree for me and I find that this article is a great reflexion of this mentality.
I remind myself that grocery shopping at a gas station is just a twist on the normal kind of grocery shopping. I remind myself that we won't always have to shop at Chevron — that just because at this point in my life I am struggling does not mean that I will always struggle.
She named this mentality "flexibility". I don't believe that is the right word but it doesn't matter. The outcome is that it gives hope and provides a more positive outlook, especially in tough situations. I believe hard times are only a matter of perception and by keeping the right attitude, a positive attitude, everything does get better.