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Testing Blogging from Facebook

Testing Blog it created by Six Apart from my Facebook Account. Supposed to Update my friendfeed (I almost forgot I have that) as well as my twitter...

Let's see...

Will it show up on my newsfeed?

December 11, '08 updates:  
Blog It updated my news feed twice just because my Facebook status was changed.  I have my twitter set to change my Facebook status.  That is why I am guessing it duplicated the status change in my news feed.  Doesn't give much visibility.  As opposed to a share, photo upload/tag/comment and Blog It posted the same blog post on Blogger multiple times.  My guess is that because I selected to have the status sent to Twitter, Facebook, Friendfeed and the blog post to Blogger, it looped the action and made Blogger repeat the same action (posting the blog post) multiple times.  Lame.  I am not impressed with Blog It at all.