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Googlebot crawling behavior

After numerously updating my job's website's home page in order to rank better for a keyword, I noticed something very interesting.

Googleblot crawled the home page 3 days in a row and updated the cache.

However, not all the hyperlinks were updated in Google cache. I hardcoded the home page and removed many links and despite being crawled later that night, the text in the cache was updated but not the links.  They remained there.

Yesterday, I changed the alt tags in a couple of image based links and today, I learned that googlebot crawled the page again but despite removing the links that it didn't yesterday, Google's cache of the home page did not update the anchor of the image hyperlinks (the alt tags).

I hope Google will crawl it again today and update the cache.  I am curious to see what will happen to the image link anchor text.

I have heard that Google doesn't index more than 100 hyperlinks and Google only index up to 150k but the home page is 17k and has 43 links.  I wonder how many links does Googlebot crawl on a page at once.