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Youtube Analytics and SMM ROI

Youtube Insight has existed for a little over a year now. Youtube Insight allows the uploader of the video to learn more about the web analytics of his viewers. It allows him to perform market research on the gender of the viewers, their age group, their geographic locations and even how they landed on the video. Was it done by a search or did it come from Facebook? Youtube Insight also reports the community engagement. How many people has set the video as their favorite, it reports information about rating, comments, etc.

A tool I think Youtube Insight lacks is web analytics about the sharing of the video. I think Youtube did a great job at improving the viral nature of a video by making it easy for viewers to share the videos through social media. However, I think it is unfortunate that Youtube does not gives information about how often it was shared and track how many times it was viewed based on that share. It is possible to have an idea because Youtube informs you of the sources from where the visitors landed on your video and you can make an educated guess but it would be much more favorable for marketers and corporations who spends the marketing/advertising dollar to have better information about the viral effect of their content. It would be a great tool to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment) of Social Media Marketing.

If a business is willing to pay to place an ad in a magazine because it approximates how many eyeballs might stumble across it I think the same business can be very interested to see how many times the video they created was viewed but also, how many times was their video handed to the next person and next person after that? Time magazine has the highest pass along readership and I am sure if marketers are willing to pay for an estimated number of a static picture, I am sure marketers would be very interested to see how many people shared the videos and how many more people have viewed the video on Youtube thanks to the share?

Don't forget that you can embed a hyperlink in the video description and with Youtube Annotations, you can improve the level of engagement from your users ie: have a call to action for them to check out your landing page by clicking on the link in the video description. After that, just open your Google Analytics and continue the tracking!

Just make sure that your link is associated with a campaign!