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Apple Supports the small Canadians (sorta)

Spat With Rogers Leaves Canadian Apple Stores Without iPhones

I Am VERY glad to hear this. I am happy to see that consumers can make a difference. I have been very angry at the mobile oligopoly in Canada. Ever since Fido was bought, experts were right, cell phone services have been costing Canadians more. City Fido was an amazing plan and I saw that as the light at the end of the tunnel. However, since Rogers bought Fido, what happened? City Fido was changed to a horrible plan that I doubt many customers purchased (I should actually look into if it is still available, I wouldn't be surprised if it was removed).

I am a supporter of the consumers' voice and I hope to see more outcry so that cell phone plans drop. I was glad to see Koodo enter the market and I hope there will be more. Perhaps we should make a petition for Apple to make a CDMA version of the iPhone so that Bell, Koodo, Virgin and Telus can offer the iPhone as well. I know I want it!!!