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"Alphonse Ha" SEO success!

Today is a great day! After typing my "Alphonse Ha" into, the top for results are to my Facebook Profile, my LinkedIn Profile, my Blog's July archive, and my post about Jaiku. I have 7 results in the first result page of Google after working on my SEO experiment for a week. If you noticed, I have not started blogging consistently before my July 2nd post. It is a shame that I don't remember when I started to inter link my profiles for SEO. I wonder if there is a history of my profile changes in blogspot?

In order to celebrate, I will not post my most popular video on the internet (who appears twice on the first google results page):

a.d.i.d.a.s.: all day i dream about shoes

Disclaimer: I am not aware that this post will contribute to my SEO success /sarcasm