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Exposed: Digital camera blonde who became Facebook phenomenon is an X-rated model

Viral Facebook Marketing
Viral Facebook Marketing
This is hilarious, definitely a must read. A porn web site developped a very clever way to gain members.
The porn site has admitted that it was all a "clever viral marketing campaign".
The Facebook plea read: "We are trying to track down the lovely lass in these photos so she can be reunited with her lost digital camera. She certainly knows how to use it!

However, the funniest things about this story are the responses from the men around the world responding to the plea/buying into the campaign:
Men up and down the country posted messages of support.
Yu-San Chan, from Birmingham, wrote: "This is probably the most wanted woman in the country right now."

And Martin Farrell, from London, said: "I thought I saw her today in Chiswick but it was a false alarm, the hunt continues."

Another Londoner, Darren Gormley, commented: "Poor girl, I hate losing things. Not surprising she lost it though - no pockets!"

but even more hilarious are the response from the readers of the post:
They certainly are getting more sneaky. You can tell from the poses though that she's a professional and not some amateur. We all just have to beware the little ploys they keep throwing at the public.

- Zach, Los Lunas, USA, 05/9/2007 19:09

Come on now, was this guy born yesterday? There are plenty of non professional girls who pose that way. With the price drops of digital cameras and all the websites where you can post your pictures online such as Facebook, Flickr, Myspace, Hi5, Hotornot, Ratemybody ect. People, girls specifically, learn how to pose quite quickly. Give a girl who likes attention a camera and a account and see how quickly she learns to pose!

Here is a photo gallery for your eye's pleasure:

Wendy's photogallery
(Safe for work pictures)