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Facebook - SMS Service for Pages

Great Facebook news for both online and offline marketers today. People can now become a Facebook fan without even having a smart phone or be on their computer. You can do it while standing in the mall! Inside Facebook reports:
“Imagine the scenarios- you can ask 10 people in a Board room to take their phone out and become Fans, or 100 people at a rally to become political supporters, or 30,000 people at a concert or ballpark to become fans via mobile device,” wrote Dave Kerpen at theKbuzz, who discovered the new feature earlier today.
Very powerful tool. Unfortunately, I can't see how it applies to the employment field yet. The tool is there and it is great. The challenge and creative part, which can be both fun and frustrating, is to figure out how I can use it in my industry: employement. I can definately see how it can be used for bands and multinational corporations in any of their promotional events though.

This can be a great step into social media marketing for retail and for their brand to get more brain share. They can set up a Facebook fan page for their store and whenever clients walk in, have an anouncement that they have Facebook they can become a fan by texting xxxxx and be the first to be notified about their sales, specials or new collections. Great way to be in touch with your market and have them buy clothes at your store first.

photo by: jamesbt