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List of Generations

Here is a list of generations from wikipedia. I was always curious to know about the generations before the baby boomers, especially working in the employment industry where Gen-Ys are often discussed. What are the labels that are given to my grand parents and their siblings? What about their parents. I think it is unfortunate that the descriptions are so western-centric. I guess it isn't that cliché when you look at the impact of the Internet through the lens of history because Generation Y does seem to be more homogenous across cultures, from Asia to North America.

Then again, I could be wrong.

I thought this list is very informative an interesting so I wanted to share. I have heard about the Lost Generation but never knew it was attributed to an actual generation.

It is also interesting to see how blurry the line is in terms of years of that defines a generation. For Generation Y, I have often seen 1980 to 1995, but I have heard some argue that it would start as early as 1987. I don't think it is all that important but interesting nonetheless.

I think there are many Generation Y that resembles more Generation X and vice-versa and that is fine.