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Google Events for Business

Google is opening Facebook to the web. In a race between the two eGiants to dominate the web socially, Google has opened Facebook's event to the world. Websites can now bring people together more than ever with the launch of their new event gadget. 

The function is simple, by installing the gadget on a web page, you can promote your event without having any web page programming knowledge and allow people to RSVP to your event online easily, as well as allowing other people to see who is attending the event. Google is making it easier for Social Media Marketing to complement event marketing.

What this means for your business or organization :

  1. You have more control on your branding because rather than creating a Facebook event, thus having to be restricted to a small logo and a dull format controlled by Facebook, you create the page the way that you want and insert the gadget in. 
  2. You can measure, with web analytic tools such as Google Analytics, you can find out how many people have visited your page, where they come from and by the amount of people attending, you can calculate the conversion rate and determine your efficiency.
  3. You can reach a non Facebook audience. As attractive as Facebook's population is, not all of your target market (eg: decision makers) is on Facebook. However, anybody can connect with their Google, AIM, Yahoo or Open ID account.
  4. Set up a poll on the page or in the future for feedback to learn more about your target market and why they did not attend your event. Learn from the comments and do it better the next time around.
  5. Use a URL shortener like to promote the event online in emails, Facebook page, Youtube or Twitter and offline through word of mouth or promotional products easily eg:
What else do you think Google Friend Connect's new event gagdet can do for a business?

Google's official video explaining how to use the event gadget: