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SEO ya Digg?

Today I want to test Digg for an SEO purpose. I currently work at Agence de placement Télé-Ressources as a communications and marketing coordinator. I have been trying to rank my company for a keyword and so far so good. I was able to position Agence de placement Télé-Ressources on the first page of Google. However, of course, I want to be in the top 3 in the SERP. I just realized that Digg has do follow links. Not only that, the name of the article, chosen by the Digger / Digg User, is in the title tag, in the H1 and in the URL (although it uses underscores rather than dashes for spaces).

Of course, this digg page has very little authority unless it gets dugg a lot and ends up on the first page... Who here thinks a link is still a link and an optimized link is still an optimized link?

If you would like to help me in my experiment, please digg the article : Agence de placement !